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The Fine Line Between Coaching and Bullying

Three former Galena High School football players have sued their coach, principal and also Washoe County School District, alleging that they were kicked off the school team for standing up to the coach’s bullying. In the federal lawsuit filed, the three high schoolers state that they were kicked off the varsity football team after they […]

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Ringing In The New Year

Whether you are planning on partying it up on New Year’s Eve at Fremont Street, dancing the night away with DJ Kittie at Stargaze Party, or singing your heart out with Elton John at Caesar’s Palace, everyone wants to have a memorable night when ringing in the new year and Las Vegas is the place. […]

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Naughty or Nice?

Stockings are being hung, candles are being lit and crime rates are spiking. With the holidays just around the corner be sure to take some precautions so you don’t fall victim to the inevitable offenses this year. Although it is the “most wonderful time of the year” it is also prime time for criminal activities. […]

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Marijuana is now legal in Vegas, but what does that mean?

On November 8th, more than 54 percent of voters in Nevada approved Question 2 on the state ballot, which establishes a framework for distribution and taxation of recreational marijuana. While lawmakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike are preparing for a world where marijuana in recreational use is legal – we as citizens also need to […]

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Killer Clowns On The Loose

Clowns are officially too scary for Halloween. With Halloween just a few short days away school districts, counties and spooky festivals across the country are banning clown costumes this year, after a summer of national hysteria over “killer clowns”. There have been a huge number of sightings, threats and reports. One case that really stood […]

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Corey Batey Sentenced to 15 Years For Rape

“I was a happy, hard-working Vanderbilt student looking forward to my future. I’ve seen with my own eyes what I was when Mr. Batey was done with me: a piece of trash, face down in a hallway covered in his urine and palm prints. There are no words to describe the horror of the images […]

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Craigslist: A Sex Traffickers Hunting Ground

With social media and the internet being so prominent in young teenage lives, many times it can be twisted into a dark and evil environment causing more harm than good. 63 year old, Las Vegas man, David Coil has recently been arrested after being accused of a sex trafficking scheme of young teenage girls. Coil […]

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Singer Chris Brown Arrested on Suspicion of Assault

A recent incident involving a gun and a lengthy standoff with SWAT and LAPD officers, Chris Brown has finally surrendered and is now in police custody. The singer left his home with cops after an issue involving Miss California 2016, Baylee Curran. She alleged on TMZ Live that Brown threatened her with a gun to her […]

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Gotta Catch Em All

Pokemon gotta catch ‘em all – or do you? The new Pokemon Go game has actually caused more harm than good recently. With robberies, shootings and enraged fans the popular game has turned a corner. Police have stated that four men used the popular “Pokemon Go” game to commit multiple robberies. The suspects specifically chose […]

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Teen Urged Boyfriend to Commit Suicide Via Text

Michelle Carter, the Massachusetts teen who allegedly urged her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message in 2014, will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter, the state’s highest court ruled. The Supreme Judicial Court determined that Carter, who was 17 at the time, had preyed upon her boyfriend Conrad Roy III’s insecurities and used a “systematic […]

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