Sealing Of Records

If cited or arrested for a criminal offense in Las Vegas, Nevada the agency which handles your case will create a public record of this event.  Even if Sealing Of Recordsyour charge is eventually dismissed, the initial citation or arrest will still remain on the agency’s public record, unless you petition the court to have your record sealed, or sealing of records. Any notch on your criminal record can have a detrimental effect on many aspects of your life. For example, when applying for a job, you will be asked about any prior arrests or citation, in addition, many companies will perform a background check to verify your claims.  If a petition to seal your record is filed and accepted by the court, your criminal record can be sealed, resulting in your potential employer finding no criminal history on your official public record.  Not only can a criminal record hurt potential job opportunities, they can also negatively affect your ability to be accepted to college, graduate or trade school.  Landlords and creditors are also well known for requiring criminal background checks as part of the application process.  A criminal record will negatively affect your ability to obtain special privileges and licenses here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having your criminal record successfully sealed will allow you the freedom of not having to report these past incidents to others.

If and when you are eligible to have your criminal record sealed in Las Vegas, Nevada depends on the type of case you were charged with, when you were convicted, and the final resolution of your case among other factors.  Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano can review your record with you in detail and verify if your record is eligible to be sealed.  After reviewing your criminal record with Mr. Troiano, if he determines you are eligible under Nevada law, he will petition the court on your behalf to seal your record. If the petition to seal is accepted by the court, he will then file the court orders with the appropriate agencies and verify that your record has in fact been sealed.


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