Driving Under The Influence “DUI”

blurred_outlook_while_drivingA Driving Under the Influence “DUI” offense in Las Vegas, Nevada can range from a Misdemeanor to a Felony depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. DUI laws in Las Vegas, Nevada are complex and sophisticated, and merely looking at a client’s purported blood alcohol content “BAC” or drug toxicity level, is not a sufficient indicator of the strength or weakness of the prosecutor’s case.  Although many law firms in the Las Vegas Valley claim they defend DUI cases, few have the experience and training in defending these complex cases, and place an emphasis in DUI defense, as does, The Law Office of Michael A. Troiano. 

Las Vegas DUI Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano has personally defended over 1,000 DUI cases and counting in his career, and has been awarded the “10 Best DUI Attorney Client Satisfaction Award 2014″ by The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys.  He has not only defended his clients for DUI 1st, DUI 2nd and DUI Drugs Misdemeanors, he has also represented his clients on the most serious of DUI Felony cases, such as DUI 3rd or more, DUI Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm, and DUI Resulting in Death.  Not only has Mr. Troiano successfully reached beneficial negotiations on behalf of his clients in a variety of DUI cases, he also has the courtroom experience of fighting DUI cases through a full bench and/or jury trial, if the case is not resolved prior to trial.  Simply put, it’s one thing for an attorney to claim they “did” a DUI case before, it is another thing to fight and litigate numerous DUI cases, day in and day out, and actually take a case to trial, if need be, to defend your client’s rights.

In addition to the criminal side of your DUI case, Mr. Troiano, will represent you at the DMV Administrative Hearing, where a determination will be made by the Judicial Officer on whether or not to revoke your driver’s license.  Although, this hearing does not bear on your innocence or guilt in regards to the criminal portion of your DUI case, there are still several important reasons why it is vital to have an experienced Las Vegas DUI Defense Attorney represent you at this hearing, and guide you through the complicated steps of how a DUI arrest will affect your driving privileges.  It is important to note, individuals arrested for DUI with Commercial Drivers Licenses and Out of State Drivers are also afforded the right to a DMV Administrative Hearing before their license is revoked, or in the case of out of state drivers, their privilege to drive in Nevada is revoked and their home state is notified.