Naughty or Nice?

Stockings are being hung, candles are being lit and crime rates are spiking. With the holidays just around the corner be sure to take some precautions so you don’t fall victim to the inevitable offenses this year.

Although it is the “most wonderful time of the year” it is also prime time for criminal activities. It makes it easy for criminals to take advantage of the chaos from the holiday season along with people’s giving nature to commit some crimes.

Here are some ways to not get tricked:

Identity Theft is one of the biggest issues during the holidays. Thieves are offline and online, and they’re just waiting to steal your personal information and use your credit cards or even social security cards to commit crimes. As common as identity theft is during the holiday season, there are multiple ways to protect yourself and your finances for a win-win at the end of the day. Always review your monthly statements, balance that checkbook, check up on your credit reports and make sure you secure all of your personal information.

Vehicle Theft is a common everyday crime, right? During the holidays this crime seems to amplify every year. The most common robbery that takes place is in mall parking lots. Thieves know that shoppers are leaving expensive gifts in the car and that they could be gone for hours at a time. It doesn’t take much for criminals to see what’s inside your car and figure out a way to steal your valuables. The good news is drivers can easily prevent auto burglaries by taking some simple, but effective preventative steps, such as locking the doors, hiding your valuables, and taking the keys with you.

Robbery during the holidays is incredibly appealing to the average criminal. Because of the distractions of crowds, robbers are fully aware of the fact that people carry more money on them during the holidays and they will go to great lengths to try to steal from people for that reason alone. So, what you can do is always travel with someone, carry your valuables close to you, there are police officers all over the malls and streets this time of year so know your surroundings and follow your gut.

These simple steps can prevent you from having your holiday ruined. After all, he’s making a list and checking it twice.