Killer Clowns On The Loose

Clowns are officially too scary for Halloween.

With Halloween just a few short days away school districts, counties and spooky festivals across the country are banning clown costumes this year, after a summer of national hysteria over “killer clowns”.

There have been a huge number of sightings, threats and reports. One case that really stood out was in Reading, Pennsylvania. A 16 year old that was wearing a clown mask was pushed up onto his head and was fatally stabbed. All because of a costume?

The creepy clown insanity started off in Greenville, South Carolina, it was stated that two clowns were trying to lure a little boy into the woods. From there on, clown sightings kept happening, across the south in Florida and Kentucky and up to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. School districts, from Colorado to New York, were bombarded with “killer clown” threats.

So of course it’s no surprise one of the hottest 2016 Halloween costume is a clown.

But it seems as though clowns are turning the exciting night of Halloween from fun-scary to horror-scary by terrifying children so much that schools are banning kids from slapping on the big red nose at Halloween parades and parties.

In Kemper County, Mississippi, local authorities decided to take it one step further by creating a county ordinance to make it illegal to appear in a clown costume, mask or even makeup until November 1.

The sheriff’s office will be upholding the law, and it will be punishable by a $150 fine.

The main concern was that after months of this constant “Killer Clown” hysteria, citizens might overreact if they saw one on their street or property, taking matters into their own hands and it would not end well.

The question is where do you draw the line when it comes to an honest prank and a blood thirsty killer clown? How can you tell the difference once you are faced with the issue?