Craigslist: A Sex Traffickers Hunting Ground

Human-trafficking-in-South-AfricaWith social media and the internet being so prominent in young teenage lives, many times it can be twisted into a dark and evil environment causing more harm than good.

63 year old, Las Vegas man, David Coil has recently been arrested after being accused of a sex trafficking scheme of young teenage girls. Coil had been under investigation for luring teenagers on Craigslist to commit acts of prostitution.

A female high school student had gone to her teacher for help and gave him reason to believe she was a sex-trafficking victim. The young girl stated that when she was 16 years old she was looking for a job on the website Craigslist when she came across an ad that said “petite young girls who could make $1500 a day and no sex involved.” She responded to the ad and decided to meet with coil at a local fast food restaurant.

After the meeting Coil drove the 16 year old girl back to his house where he gave her alcohol and the young girl soon became drunk. While intoxicated Coil began to tell the girl what her job would consist of, “body rubs.” the young girls were forced to be naked during their shifts and each girl was allowed to perform masturbation on the clients.

It was stated that sometimes Coil would do a fetish service that was known as “daddy daughter rub” where he would pretend to be the girls father.

Coil was arrested on one count of sex trafficking of a child under the age of 18, four counts of soliciting or engaging in child prostitution and one count of attempted sex trafficking of a child.

It was proven that this was not Coil’s first time in the business, in fact he had been involved in this type of activity ever since October of 2015.

The internet is becoming the hunting ground for predators such as Coil, to meet their victims. News pimps, johns and other sex traffickers, are turning to the internet more and more to lure their targets, young girls and boys.

Don’t let your loved ones fall into their trap.