Use Of A Deadly Weapon In Commission Of A Crime

The Use of a Deadly Weapon in Commission of a Crime is referred to as an “enhanceable offense” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Meaning, if you are convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison, and you used a deadly weapon to assist you in that crime, the judge will sentence you to an additional 1-20 years of prison, which must be served consecutive to your original sentence.

For example, if Marshall took his hand gun and pistol whipped his girlfriend Kim, and he was arrested for Domestic Violence with Substantial Bodily Harm and later found guilty at trial, the next step would be sentencing. If the Judge X sentenced Marshall to 5 years in prison for the Domestic Violence with Substantial Bodily Harm, Judge X would also have to sentence Marshall to an addition prison term for the use of the deadly weapon in commission of the crime, to run consecutive to his 5 years.  In this example, Marshall was only sentenced to 5 years; therefore Judge X can only sentence him to a max of 5 years for the deadly weapons enhancement.

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