Search Warrant

A Search Warrant in Las Vegas, Nevada is signed and issued by a local judge or magistrate when a member of the arresting agency (any local police department or government agency), fills out and signs, an application for search warrant, in addition to an affidavit in support of search warrant, where that officer swears under oath that all information provided in that document is true, and the issuing judge, after careful review, finds that the officer has detailed sufficient probable cause to execute a search at your home or other property.

Now what does all that mean in laymen’s terms? Let’s say, Officer Murray gets a tip from a confidential informant that Juan is growing and selling Marijuana out of his home. Officer Murray then pulls Juan’s power bills which shows an extremely high amount of power being used, furthermore he notices a smell of Marijuana from the house, and finds proof that Juan recently purchased items which are commonly used to grow Marijuana, such as expensive lamps, timers and fertilizer. Officer Murray then enters this information in his application for a search warrant and signs his affidavit in support of search warrant and presents it to a local judge. The Judge then determines that the facts presented in the application creates probable cause that Juan is growing and selling Marijuana out of his home, and then signs the search warrant for his residence. With the Search Warrant in hand Officer Murray has legal authority to search Juan’s residence for any illegal activity concerning the growing and sale of Marijuana.

 If you are aware that a judge has issued a search warrant for your home or property or you believe one might be issued against you soon, it is important to contact an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to walk you through these important initial steps of your criminal case. Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano can contact the arresting agency on your behalf to inform them that you have retained counsel and formally request a copy of you the search warrant if one was not provided to you.  Michael A. Troiano will work quickly to thoroughly dissect this search warrant, and find any legal and/or factual deficiencies, which would lead to a motion to suppress any and all evidence seized from the illegal search, due to a legally defective search warrant.