Bench Warrant

A Bench Warrant in Las Vegas, Nevada is issued by a local judge or magistrate who is currently presiding over your active criminal  or traffic case. Once the judge issues a bench warrant against you, it has the same effect as an Arrest Warrant, meaning any local police agency has the authority to arrest you on this warrant and bring you before the judge. There are several reasons for which a judge will issue a bench warrant against you, such as, missing a court appearance, failing to pay a fine, failing to complete community service or an education class by a set date, or picking up new charges when you agreed to stay out of trouble as part of a formal or informal probation.

If you are aware that a judge has issued a bench warrant against you or you believe one might be issued against you soon, it is important to contact an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to walk you through this critical stage of your criminal or traffic case. Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano will work quickly to place a motion on the court’s docket and get you in front of the judge that issued your bench warrant and have it quashed before you are picked up by the police at your home or work.