Felony Murder

Felony Murder in Las Vegas, Nevada is a murder committed during the commission of the following Felony offenses, even if the death was unintentional: arson, burglary, child abuse, elder abuse, home invasion, kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault of an adult or child.  For example, if Rick decided to rob a liquor store, and during the robbery, Bryce an innocent by stander, attempted to stop the robbery by blocking the exit, and Rick knocked Bryce down to the ground where Bryce hit his head on the floor and died, Rick would be charged with Felony Murder.  Rick’s sole intention was to steal the money and leave; but during the commission of that dangerous felony he killed Bryce, and although the death was unintentional he will be charged with Felony Murder.

Felony Murder is a Category A Felony as is First Degree Murder, and carries the same penalties. The penalties for Felony Murder range from a 50 year definite term with the possibility of parole after 20 years, life with the possibility of parole after 20 years to life without the possibility of parole, and if the District Attorney finds aggravating factors in the killing, they will seek the death penalty.

Many factors go into the defense and a resolution of a Felony Murder case, and when facing a life sentence and the potential of the death penalty it is imperative to hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who can present the best defenses to this charge which include but are not limited to self-defense and justifiable homicide. Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano will discuss all possible defenses on your Felony Murder charge and work towards a dismissal or reduction to a lesser charge and help you avoid prison.