Domestic Violence 1st

A Battery Domestic Violence 1st charge in Las Vegas, Nevada is a Misdemeanor. The consequences of a conviction for a Domestic Violence 1st offense are severe.  If convicted the Judge is required to sentence you anywhere from 2 days up to 6 months of jail, a fine of up to $1,000, up to 120 hours of community service, and Domestic Violence counseling classes at least once a week for 6-12 months.  If these penalties weren’t harsh enough, if convicted of a Domestic Violence 1st offense you are no longer allowed to own and possess any firearms.  Additionally, you are not eligible to seal your criminal record for seven years after your case is closed.

Unfortunately, this serious offense is very common in the Las Vegas Valley and all local police agencies are instructed to make an arrest if called to a domestic disturbance if they feel a crime has occurred, even if there are no visible injuries to either party.  This practice results in many arrests of innocent parties and a trip to jail.  Many times when the police arrive and both parties claim the other was at fault they will simply arrest them both and allow the court system to figure it out.

In order to be convicted of a Domestic Violence 1st offense, the prosecution only needs to prove there was an offensive touching against a person you had a domestic relationship with. For example, a husband or wife, child or step child, or any ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.  A simple push or shove with no physical markings or damage is enough to be convicted of this offense. With this in mind it is necessary to contact Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano as soon as possible to discuss the facts of your case, and allow him to provide the best defense possible and work towards getting your case dismissed.