Possession Of Marijuana

In Nevada an adult 21 years or older, may legally possess up to one ounce of Marijuana. Anyone under the age of 21 found in possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana, will be charged with a Misdemeanor offense. Possession of Marijuana, of one ounce or more is a Felony offense. And Possession of larger quantities of Marijuana can lead to a Marijuana Trafficking charge, which carries high mandatory prison sentences.

Under the law, there are two types of possession.  First, you have “actual” possession, where the drugs are in your pocket or purse, or located somewhere on your “person”.  Another type of possession is “constructive” possession.  For example, if you ran inside the gas station to buy a pack of gum, and the police saw a baggie of marijuana inside your vehicle in plain view, you don’t actually possess the marijuana at that moment, but you will be charged with Possession of Marijuana just the same because you are deemed to have “constructive” possession of your car and everything inside it.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Troiano is experienced in defending his clients for a variety of marijuana related offenses ranging from a first time possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia charge, to the most serious of Marijuana Trafficking offenses.  He will discuss all possible defenses on your marijuana case and work towards a dismissal or reduction to a lesser non drug related charge and help you avoid jail or prison.